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Sustainable Design

Green Recycle Symbol Mdp V3 “Merlino Design Partnership, and our LEED®  accredited professionals, are committed to supporting our communities and our environment by sustainable practices within our own business as well as applying them to our projects in both project design and project management.”


O U R   P R O C E S S

  • Use of renewable energy where available
  • Printing on recycled bond paper
  • Using recycled binding materials
  • Using recycled and reduced packaging
  • Recycling paper, glass, plastic, metal, cardboard such as for packaging, containers, cartridges, etc
  • Partnering with 'Green' Associates
  • Encouraging clients / team members to take advantage of electronic documentation and invoicing
  • Continued education program and professional development

O U R    F A C I L I T I E S

  • Centralized location within urban area, amenities, close access to transit facilities
  • Use of passive design features to maximize use of natural daylighting and minimize resources
  • Use of motion-sensing light controls in our facilities to save electricity
  • Use of tele-conferencing technology to limit travel, use of fuel energy
  • Use of Energy Star compliant equipment
  • Use of Environmentally friendly chemicals and 100% smoke-free workplace

O N L I N E    D O C U M E N T    M A N A G E M E N T

  • Current technologies & software tools that manage and distribute your information - paperless
  • Online viewing and communication
  • Printing only the plans and documents necessary and distribution to only those necessary
  • Digital distribution