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Our firm has been providing interior design services for life care communities since 1973, and are proud that many of our projects have been published throughout the world. Our firm received recognition and has worked with the International Division of Retirement Life Planners as consultants on senior living projects in suburban Paris, France; Chateau D’oer, Switzerland; and Madrid, Spain. With this expansion world-wide, Merlino Design Partnership International was founded to better serve the global senior living marketplace.

JAPAN - Recently, Merlino Design Partnership has completed Charming Square Shirogane in Tokyo, Japan. The complex contains a 10 story Retirement Community in the Shirogane section of Tokyo. This joint venture was between a Tokyo based architecture firm and a U.S. based design team, consisting of Merlino Design Partnership and KDA Architects. They had expressed a desire for the building design to have a fusion of Eastern and Western design principles. In our standard Post Occupancy Review, they write "We are happy to report that the project has been a success and continues to prosper and enrich the lives of its residents.”Kids In Japan

CHINA- China supports the development of nursing operations and the needs of elderly people. By the year 2050, 3 out of 10 people are expected to be over the age of 60, among its population of more than 500 million people. China’s overall development goal is to construct 300 senior living facilities. The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has targeted 18 major cities for a project for elderly housing. Our client, as an investor is promoting “resort-style” senior housing in these 18 major cities, to be built within 5 to 10 years. Merlino Design Partnership International will be a key member of the international design team.

GLOBAL REACH - Our firm continues to explore the globe for senior living opportunities. Whether it is in the United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, Africa or Asia, Merlino Design Partnership International will be on the leading edge of design for the Global Senior Living Marketplace.

NEWS - Merlino Design Partnership International is planning a possible trip to Nigeria to meet with government officials to explore the possibility of developing Senior Housing in that country.

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